My new book

Have just sent final final final manuscript to the publisher. Next step is the copy editing – checking for spellings, grammar and contunity – e.g. making sure I havent changed someone’s hair colour from one page to the next. So I am celebrating by heading off to India for 3 weeks – planning to spend a couple of weeks in Goa – Yoga Magic and the Brahmani drop in centre at Hotel Bougainvilea (spelling? I need my copy editor!) then on to Mumbai to see my very own Hugging Mother, otherwise known as my mother in law. I cant wait.

Will be thinking about my next book – anyone interested in a story about  a billionaire yoga teacher?!


4 Responses to “My new book”

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  2. Vicki Taylor Says:

    Hi Lucy,
    Loved your first book – thanks so much – thoroughly enjoyable and some beautiful insights towards the end which seemed to be just what I needed to hear at exactly the right moment! I am 50 and on the verge of taking on yogic studies in the Satyananda tradition. May become a teacher or it will just be part of my personal growth. Looking back, Yoga has been a recurring thread in my life since the age of 11, with many years of disconnection! It truly gives me such inner joy and contentment nowadays I wish this inner peace for others in the search for more. For a long time I could only read metaphysical / self help books but for the last 10 years or so it has been auto/biographies. It has been awhile since I cried because a book was coming to an end which I did with 3 pages to go of yours, so thanks again! Very happy you have another to be released soon and a third on the way. If you ever visit Adelaide in South Australia, I would be delighted to shout you a coffee in a wonderful cafe nearby and I can recommend a brilliant yoga teacher nearby.
    Love & best wishes,
    Vicki Taylor.

    • Lucy Edge Says:

      Thank you Vicki!
      What an amazing journey you have been on… beginning yoga at 11 and now contemplating study forty years later.
      Where will you study Satyananda? Are you planning a trip to India?
      I would love to come to Adelaide and have a coffee with you – I once spent six months in Byron Bay ‘studying’ yoga and surf and would love to return one day, I know my husband would love it. I think I have a cousin there so you never know…got to experience lots of fabulous coffee in Byron Bay – the LSD – latte soy dandelion for example! Havent managed to find that here in the Norfolk countryside where I am now living!
      Keep in touch and please keep me posted on your yoga journey
      Lucy xx

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