Has anyone been to Goa recently?

I am off to Goa on Monday and would love to hear about any great new teachers or any hot Apres Yoga venues – bars, restaurants, markets, shops etc.


2 Responses to “Has anyone been to Goa recently?”

  1. globie Says:

    Hi Lucy, I was in Goa at Christmas. I practised every day at Brahmani Yoga in Anjuna, Melanie Cooper from AYL does most of the self practice 7.30am sessions, Julie Martin also, great adjustments from Adriane Klumpp, who also does great Thai massage.

    The Wednesday Anjuna market was good fun, but while I was there they had shut down the big Saturday night market for security reasons. There’s a nice restaurant called Sublime in Anjuna, which is next to a nice arty shop called “ArtJuna”. We also ate at “Bean me Up” and Oasis Cafe. Best place for an after practice brekky brunch is OrangeBoom.

    Have a great trip

  2. lucy edge Says:

    Thank you – I had a great trip. Stayed at Yoga Magic which was proper magic, and met some fantastic people. Loved Sublime, and also La Plage up at Aswem beach…chocolate pudding was too die for – so much for the detox!

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