About Lucy

Lucy Edge’s Yoga School Dropout was a Sunday Times bestseller and a critical success on an international scale. It was number one in the UK non fiction charts for a year — selling over a million copies. It also hit the bestseller charts in the United States, India, Italy, and Australia. Translation rights to Yoga School Dropout have been sold in twenty five languages, including Hindi and Hebrew. Yoga School Dropout the movie is currently under production, starring Anne Hathaway (The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada) as Lucy, Lucy Liu as Cartier and Cameron Diaz as Astrid. Charlie, the porn star film director, will be playing himself.

OK, none of the above is true but Lucy can truly confirm rumours that she has just finished working on her second book, about her quest for friends and a baby, due for publication 6 August 2009 by Ebury, part of Random House.


5 Responses to “About Lucy”

  1. Mimi Cave Says:

    Hi Lucy,
    My name is Mimi Cave. I love your blog and have been reading it for some time now. I really connected with your article about Yoga and Friendship. Some of the most amazing relationships in my life are ones within my yoga community. As well, Yoga has allowed me to see when a friendship has gotten to be toxic in any way and how to go about dealing with the uncertainties that come along with a realization like that. Anyways, I wanted to send you a little email mainly because I have a link to plug. I work very part-time for Yoga Journal, a Yoga publication and resource based in San Francisco, and I review their yoga DVDs. They recently opened an updated online shop and I wanted to give you the link to check out:

    If you like what you see or you want to know more about the content of any of the DVD’s please let me know. Do not feel pressure to post anything, I just figured I’d ask just in case. Practicing at home is hard for me and a lot of people. I’ve learned that DVD’s can ease the discomfort sometimes…

    Thanks so much and keep up the blog writing. I LOVE it!

    Mimi Cave
    630.621.8229 (c)

  2. ninafrances Says:

    I can’t put your book down!!! Jeff Phenix recommended it…best thing I’ve EVER BOUGHT!!!!
    keem em coming lucy!!!

  3. Hanna Says:

    I’m currently reading Yoga School Dropout the second time and I am enjoying it even more than the first – if that is possible. I found it by chance at a second hand bookstore 30 meters from my yoga studio – obviously divine intervention.
    So, I guess what I wanted to say was this: I love your book and it really inspired me. More importantly it made me laugh out loud. In the far, far future when I get at least one foot in the lotus position properly I hope to visit a few of the places you describe so vividly. Until then I will wobble away merrily in my beginners class thanks to your book.

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