Eat Pray Cash In

According to today’s Guardian Yoga School Dropout & Handbag and Wellies are part of ‘a new breed of self-discovery lit’. 

Not so new actually – YSD was published in 2004, a year before Eat Pray Love, which is now out in the US as a movie, a fragrance, a bangle and an om bead necklace. Prepare for my range of Yoga School Dropout chakra panties, and perhaps an essence of sadhu perfume – yum!! Any other suggestions welcome.



3 Responses to “Eat Pray Cash In”

  1. Isabel Says:

    I have read all the chick-in-India books. Most are full of stereotypes and too much navel-gazing.

    But yours is witty, intelligent and real. I absolutely loved it!

    • Lucy Edge Says:

      Thanks Isabel. Please join my Facebook Likes page. I love your website – your pictures are fabulous and the report on the building of the metro was really interesting. Whats your background?

  2. Isabel Says:

    Hi Lucy, Thanks for your feedback! I have joined your fb pages. I’m looking forward to your next book.

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