Livening up a home practice

Can anyone recommend a good home practice DVD – ideally a 1 hour vinyasa flow. My all time favourite is Eric Shiffman’s Yoga Mind & Body but I have been using it for about 10 years and know if off by heart! Need a change…



3 Responses to “Livening up a home practice”

  1. Mariellen Ward Says:

    Hi Lucy, I like my teacher Yogi Vishvketu’s DVD:

    He has an ashram in Rishikesh called Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram, it’s quite new; and he divides his time between India and Toronto, Canada.

    I like him because he is very light-hearted, laughs a lot, really knows yoga (he’s been studying since the age of 8 in north India) and he teaches essentially one thing: bliss!

    aka BreatheDreamGo

  2. kirsty Says:

    Hey Lucy
    I do Richard Freeman’s when I practice at home . It is good. Tho’ exhausting
    (gymbunnycoco on twitter)

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