3 million in UK yoga school!

We’ve come a long way baby! I am overjoyed to announce that there are now 3,070,000 yogis in the UK (Kantar Media Research.)
That’s 6.2% of the population, up from 5.3% in 2007.
And it’s not just occasional drop-ins – nearly half of the three million claim to be regulars on the mat. Thats an increase of 10% on 2007.
Perhaps this is an indicator that the yoga mat is a refuge from redundancy, food inflation, dodgy M.P.s, etc etc. It’s official: as the yoga dork t-shirt reads…’yoga is our bailout!’
The figures also reveal that yoga remains an upmarket young chick thing – 77% are women, 68% are under 45 and 71% are ABC1, although the biggest gains were amongst the 35-44 group. I hope this means that we’re taking yoga with us as we age and that one day the classes will be full of 90 year olds standing on their heads!


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5 Responses to “3 million in UK yoga school!”

  1. Rachel @ Suburban Yogini Says:

    Amazing news!

    And as an aside Mama Yogini is 71 now and still stands on her head, bless her 😀

  2. Graham Burns Says:

    Wow, only 93.8% of the population left to work on…. 🙂

    It would be fascinating to see the statistics for yoga teachers (though I doubt they exist) – my guess is that men and over 45s would be more highly represented. Not sure what that would prove…. especially taken in conjunction with the idea of yoga as ‘an upmarket young chick thing’!!!!

  3. Maria @dailydownwarddog Says:

    My goal is to change the stats for the age demographics and get more women and men over 40 practicing yoga. No excuses…yoga is for everyone!

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