Mills and Boon invent the sari ripper

Mills and Boon has been mining India to see if they could find some authors of romantic love stories – durr! This is the land of Bollywood – what took them so long?
The winner was an ad agency girl after my own heart – Milan Vohra, 44, set her short story – The Love Asana – in a yoga class.
Shioli, the yoga teacher, has a ‘vibrance that is almost palpable’ and ‘rich dark auburn hair’ which tumbles to her ‘shoulders in careless abandon’.
Suj lays his yoga mat down and fails to understand his teacher’s instructions, leading her to some hands on work.
‘She gently gave his hips an ever so slight nudge to raise them.
“You like the arch, or should I raise my hips some more?” Suj said, staring deep into her eyes. Slowly, as if in a trance, she felt the rest of the room blank out.’
He then asks her which is her favourite asana…she replies that its surya namaskar…'”Its the most complete way to start the day” she rhapsodised.
“I can think of something even better”, Suj drawled under his breath.’
I cant wait to read the finished book – its published this month.



2 Responses to “Mills and Boon invent the sari ripper”

  1. Milan Vohra Says:

    Hi Lucy
    Chanced upon your blog.
    Hey Lucy,the winning story “The Love Asana” has been published in the May titles of the Modern series of Mills & Boon. But the novel is still some way to go.
    Love your take on things.Where r u based?


    • Lucy Edge Says:

      Brilliant to hear from you. Will get a copy of the story. Is the novel an extended version of The Love Asana or something different? Are you giving up the day job?! What do the people in the agency think of it?
      I am in Norfolk, live in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. My second book, The Handbag and Wellies Yoga Club, comes out in August. Its a transformational story – exploring the emotional dilemmas at the heart of the female journey towards love, friendship and fertility. You can read all about it, including a sample chapter, at
      Will be in India at Christmas – where are you based?
      Lucy x

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