Marian Keyes is a Goddess

Last week Marian Keyes came and chatted to the assembled crowds at Borders on Oxford Street. She was very humble, despite the fact that she has sold enough books to reach to the moon and back – thanking us all for choosing her over Banana Republic in our precious lunch hour.
She was very honest – admitting that she’d tried to commit suicide once, that she was a recovering alcoholic (15 years without a drink now) and that her suffering had given her the inspiration for many of her novels…
She delivered all of this information without a hint of self pity, and with a huge smile – she joked that perhaps her biggest trial had been her height – that when her back had given out due to many years of writing in bed she’d had to order a special ergonomically designed desk and chair which is so tiny it looks like a school desk.
Perhaps the biggest surprise was that she loves crime novels, she’s currently reading a lot of Michael Connelly. I guess they have a strong sense of place and great characters – just like her books. Interestingly she said that she doesnt write plot plans, she spends alot of time developing her characters and, she says, if you get that right then the plot write itself – although it can be a bit nerve wracking waiting for it to unfold!


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